• British Society of Perfumers start anniversary year with 'Olfactory Question Time'

      The first event in the British Society of Perfumers fiftieth year is being held tonight in association with the Royal Society of Chemistry in Piccadilly. The sold-out event is a panel discussion featuring members of the perfume industry, answering questions from the audience.

      The BSP say:

      The sense of smell is the least understood of the 5 senses, this is an opportunity to engage in conversation with a fragrant panel of 6 leading industry experts covering a multitude of topics relating to fragrance. Fragrances have very powerful effects from enhancing lives, rehabilitation and triggering reactions and memories.

      This scentsory question time based on the successful BBC TV & Radio programme, will also discuss creation, regulatory impact and marketing versus perfumery.

      The panel are:

      Kate Williams - Perfumer, Seven Scent Ltd
      Lisa Hipgrave - IFRA UK
      Penny Williams - Orchadia
      Steve Pearce - CEO, Omega Ingredients
      Will Andrews - Fine Fragrance Design Team, P&G Prestige
      Grant Osborne - Basenotes
      Chaired by John Bailey, BSP President

      The BSP have been fielding questions in advance from their LinkedIn group and on Twitter. For those unable to attend, there may be the possibility of the event being streamed. We will add details if we get them, or follow the BSP on Twitter as they may well announce the link.
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