• Lauder follow up Wood Mystique with Amber Mystique

    Estee Lauder is introducing Amber Mystique in March. The fragrance is a follow up to last year's Wood Mystique, which was designed to target the Middle East market.

    The fragrance includes notes of blackcurrant, raspberry, pink pepper, Oud, Taif Rose, Bulgarian Rose, amber, jasmine, incense, leather, musk, patchouli, sandalwood and labdanum. The bottle is a red version of the one used for Wood Mystique.

    Amber Mystique launches in March in the Middle Eastern travel retail market. It rolls out across Europe in the summer.


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    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Thanks for the information; I look forward to trying this one too; sounds nice :-)
    1. Kiliwia's Avatar
      Kiliwia -
      The notes look promising.

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