• At Colette now – your chance to smell every fragrance release of 2012. All at once!

    Dutch artists Lernert & Sander's latest artwork is a perfume entitled 'Everything' and is a mixture of 1400 fragrance launches from 2012. The perfume is packaged in a specially designed and hand blown bottle, based on a sample vial. You can see and try the fragrance at Colette, 213 Rue St-Honoré in Paris until 9th March. See more in the video below:

    Hat tip to Marian Bendeth.


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    1. gandhajala's Avatar
      gandhajala -
      Didn't Diptyque already do this with 34 Blvd. St. Germain ?

      (Ps. I think it's Sander, like the machine, not Sandler, like the annoying actor).
    1. mumsy's Avatar
      mumsy -
      Millefleurs 2012
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      cheers @gandhajala! Changed.
    1. Akahina's Avatar
      Akahina -
      What if it actually smells good? Honestly I can not imagine this mess but as a conceptual art project it is an awsome idea. Somebody, just describe the notes! LOL.
    1. L'Aventurier's Avatar
      L'Aventurier -
      This is pretty awesome.

      If you took some big whiffs of it, I wonder if it would result in an instant habituation (inability to smell) all 1400 fragrances...
    1. uhbhatti88's Avatar
      uhbhatti88 -
      Better yet, find someone to put it through a gas chromatograph, and discover how redundant or not they are!
    1. Kiliwia's Avatar
      Kiliwia -
      I think someone has too much time on their hands.
    1. d4N13L's Avatar
      d4N13L -
      If it have all the launches from 2012 it basically will smell like Acqua di Gio + Oud.
      Acqua di Gioud.
    1. Sly2scents's Avatar
      Sly2scents -
      This can be very interesting I bet someone will purchase that if they havent already.

      - - - Updated - - -

      This can be very interesting I bet someone will purchase that if they havent already.
    1. sniffy's Avatar
      sniffy -
      I'll bet it will smell like that scent you smell in the air when you walk into the fragrance department of a huge department store like Macy's or Selfridge's. Don't deny it, it's a delicious smell - the combination of every fragrance that's been shpritzed that day or week or month. I often wish that odor could be captured, and maybe now it has been.
    1. jujy54's Avatar
      jujy54 -
      Fourteen HUNDRED!??? That's about 1300 too many. Yikes.
    1. Orieno's Avatar
      Orieno -
      ^ I guess the hole point is that it's 1399 too many.

      Mildly interesting, however.

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