• The Basenotes Fragrance Flanker Fabricator

    Fragrance companies! We know how hard it must be to come up with a new name for your latest flanker. Well, let Basenotes take the pressure off. We have invented the Basenotes Fragrance Flanker Fabricator to help you come up with your latest hit!

    We have generated your name below, but if it's not what you are looking for, feel free to refresh the page to generate a new name!

    Your Flanker Name is...

    Amber Essence

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    Comments 28 Comments
    1. lpp's Avatar
      lpp -
      Great stuff!
    1. Unifex's Avatar
      Unifex -
      "Evening Sport", eh? Hmm......
    1. Jack Hunter's Avatar
      Jack Hunter -
      Mine is "Night Ice".lol
    1. socalwoman's Avatar
      socalwoman -
      Fun fun fun!!! Bois Soir and Amber Extrait
    1. kbe's Avatar
      kbe -
      Intense Couture....hmmmm
    1. Scentsucker's Avatar
      Scentsucker -
      Intense Wood.

      Yeah, baby.
    1. DanielleCooper's Avatar
      DanielleCooper -
      I actually really want to smell Extrait Noir... Hilarious, Mr Osborne, and another time sapping internet frivolity to add to Facebook and Twitter...
    1. teardrop's Avatar
      teardrop -
      "Couture Bleu".

    1. hoschhti's Avatar
      hoschhti -
      "Straight to Hell". No name-generator needed for that.
    1. mumsy's Avatar
      mumsy -
      Night Edition.... lol
    1. JON RODGERS's Avatar
      Evening Elixir pour moi
    1. sfmedusa's Avatar
      sfmedusa -
      L'eau soir.

      I suppose it's good that it's evening water and not night water
    1. furrypine's Avatar
      furrypine -
      Haha! Great idea, Grant. I got Extrait Fraiche
    1. d_l_esmond's Avatar
      d_l_esmond -
      Night Wood! Would that be a precursor to Morning Glory?
    1. Jasper_jt's Avatar
      Jasper_jt -
      Wild Essense... That is something
    1. mumsy's Avatar
      mumsy -
      Edition Noir.... this time.... this could get addictive.
    1. YourSound's Avatar
      YourSound -
      Ice Noir... want to smell it
    1. 30 Roses's Avatar
      30 Roses -
      Oud d'Été-- ha ha-- is this perhaps a lighter, fresher oud?
    1. mumsy's Avatar
      mumsy -
      Essence Soir

      Are we ever going to repeat ourselves?

      I think we should add scrambled notes too Grant if that is remotely possible. That could be really, really funny. Are you able to do the same with top, middle and base notes???? Pretty please..
    1. lpp's Avatar
      lpp -
      There's a selectable generator in the Guardian today.

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