• Yohji Yamamoto take us back to the future and beyond

      As reported on Basenotes back in November Japanese fashion house Yohji Yamamoto formally announced in Paris this month that they are relaunching a number of fragrances from the line's archives, as well as expanding the line with some new scents.

      Yamamoto's first foray in to scents was in 1996 when the company partnered with Jean Patou to launch its debut fragrance. The license was acquired by P&G Prestige in 2001, and expired in 2005.

      The brand are relaunching four feminine and two masculine offerings, all of which have been reworked by Givaudan perfumer Olivier Pescheux. Pescheux spoke of "the great weight" of responsibility upon his shoulders as he reformulated the fragrances created over a decade ago by colleagues who taught him the business, but admitted he was very pleased with the results and that he had received positive feedback from the original perfumers.

      Pescheux spoke at a store based launch in Paris, which was followed by a Yohji Yamamoto fashion show and an after party in Buddha Bar.

      The initial six scents are:

      Yohji Senses
      Sweet neroli, lemon, fresh pear, and exotic ylang-ylang blend to deliver a vibrant bouquet complemented by sandalwood and musk, leaving the air filled with hints of fresh cut flowers, fruit and sunlight.
      The Yohji Yamamoto fragrance that started it all, Yohji is soft, alluring and complex. Notes of bergamot, jasmine, and freesia give way to sandalwood and musk, leaving behind a warm, sweetened and beguiling mystery.
      Yohji Essential
      Red comes to life as notes of clove and chamomile coyly play with linden blossom and rose, balancing perfectly with hints of musk and patchouli. This spirited and flowery fragrance evokes a refined strength and sensuality.
      Yohji Yamamoto
      The fragrances of jasmine and lily alone are the epitome of femininity. Together, they create the softest, sweetest delight punctuated by a touch of pear and blackcurrant, while a subtle woody blend adds warmth and softness to this delicate array.
      Yohji Homme
      Yohji Yamamoto's first fragrance for men. Yohji Homme, appeals to the urban denizen and casual nomad in all of us. Black inspired with cardamom, bergamot, and coffee notes that precede a hint of rum, cedarwood and leather, delivering a sophisticated spiced bliss.
      Yohji Yamamoto Homme
      Inspired by a worldly adventure. Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme is a vibrant and invigorating blend of bergamot, lemon and sage. Harmoniously infused with notes of leather, sandalwood and cedar, this crisp fragrance evokes a decidedly spirited and powerful masculinity.

      The initial fragrances will be followed by completely new creations from Pescheux. The initial roll out will begin next month in European markets such as England, Germany and Russia. We will bring you stockist and pricing information as soon as it is available.
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      1. FumeHood's Avatar
        FumeHood -
        Wow. Is this THE Yohji Homme of incredible notoriety in 'the guide,' ebay, and Basenotes lore? If already launched, has anybody smelled it for comparison. I sniffed it once and found it intriguing but very soft and quiet... so much that I even suspected that it might not be the real thing (or a diluted decant... since it was from a split).

        Interesting if this is, in fact, that classic coffee and rum scent for which certain people have been craving a re-release for years... the way I'd be if REAL coffee took a sabbatical.

        Cool news, indeed.
      1. voodoodanny's Avatar
        voodoodanny -
        Oh yes, Luca Turin will be twitching his nostrils with glee! Have we any inkling at all what sort of price this will come in at? Will it be up there with the niches or down with the reasonable designers?
      1. Grant's Avatar
        Grant -
        Prices tba. As a big fan of the original, I'm happy with the new version.
      1. treeman5823's Avatar
        treeman5823 -
        Quote Originally Posted by Grant View Post
        Prices tba. As a big fan of the original, I'm happy with the new version.
        Has YH been changed noticeably?
      1. hednic's Avatar
        hednic -
        Great news!

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