• Cinema Series, Rosemary's Baby

    When Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse move into the fashionably Gothic Bramford Building near Central Park in New York City, little do they know that their neighbors, the Castavets, are devil‐worshipers intent on finding an unwitting surrogate for Satan’s next spawn. It appears they may have bribed Guy into handing over his wife in exchange for a successful acting career, but with Rosemary, more covert trickery is necessary. She’s given an amulet necklace filled with a mysterious, strange‐smelling herb (“tannis root”) and told her it’s for good luck. But it’s all downhill for Rosemary once she succumbs to the scent she initially describes as smelling like Revillon’s Detchema, the soapy aldehydic floral from 1953.

    Tannis, the perfume inspired by Rosemary’s Baby, answers the perverse question, what perfume would the devil find appealing? And how could an ordinary mortal be tricked, olfactively, into wearing it? Many perfumes have wicked connotations and names, but Tannis has a true audience of one: Satan.

    Possible notes: Aldehydes, black currant, raspberry, bergamot, orris, rose, saffron, truffle, patchouli, castoreum, civet, musk, guaiac wood, benzoin

    Tannis starts off on a walk in the woods, like many fairy tales. It opens up with sparkling aldehydes and juicy berries, and then transitions into the cold dustiness of orris root, the scent bridge that moves the perfume from the world of mere mortals to realm of the underworld, signified by saffron, truffle, guaiac wood, benzoin and big dose of civet.

    Perfumes that inspire Tannis: Vintage Magie Noire, Tom Ford Black Orchid, Le Labo Oud.

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    1. NillaGoon's Avatar
      NillaGoon -
      I had always assumed it was "tanas root", an anagram of Satan.

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