• Patricia di Nicolaï previews Amber Oud and Rose Oud | Esxence 2013 [Video]

    Patricia de Nicolai of Parfums Nicolai gave Basenotes a sneak preview of two new fragrances that are to be released in the higher concentration ‘Intense’ range.

    Amber Oud and Rose Oud will be released in the company’s shop in Paris in the summer. The press launch will take place in September. The stronger concentration is aimed at the export market where more powerful perfumes are generally required said Ms de Nicolai. “The pressure of the air is different in hot countries, you to adapt: these are longer lasting.

    ”Speaking of the new rose perfume, she said: “It cost a fortune to make – it includes rose absolute, rose oil from Turkey, Osmanthus, Davana, which helps to make it fruity and combines well with animalic notes.”


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    1. FumeHood's Avatar
      FumeHood -
      I think she is amazing. So much talent exhibited across the whole line - from the sophisticated and intense classics to the clean and incredibly uplifting Eau releases. Having been to her shops several times in Paris, I can really appreciate her economical, no-frills approach (many sizes... fairly priced.. unlike houses selling 50ml for a mere 15-20% less than 100ml) and scent-centric packaging. It really is all about the perfume here. Nice to hear her talk casually about her work and never come across as wrapped up in the hype and marketing aspects of the industry (even at something as market-focused as a niche perfume show).
    1. iivanita's Avatar
      iivanita -
      looking forward to smell those
      this line does stand out in perfumer skill
    1. hednic's Avatar
      hednic -
      Look interesting.
    1. RHM's Avatar
      RHM -
      I just admire her so much.....can't wait for these two new ones!

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