• Buxton, Duchaufour and Schoen: The Three Musketeers

      Basenotes has been privy to some exciting gossip in the world of perfume… it seems that perfumers Bertrand Duchaufour, Mark Buxton and Geza Schoen are to form an alliance and create a new brand.

      We are not at liberty to disclose names, dates and details, but, needless to say, excitement fills the air. All three have a distinguished track record that covers a wide base of talent. All three have taken creative control of their careers, which has contributed to making them amongst the most admired perfumers in the world.

      First, Mark Buxton gives updates on his brand, which includes details of his new perfume, ‘Emotional Rescue’, which is due in the autumn:

      Mark and Geza have been friends (and drinking partners) for twenty five years. Both have admired the work of Bertrand Duchaufour for many years and have become close friends.

      Geza began by introducing new additions to his own line, Escentric Molecules. The 30ml travel size, previously only available for Molecule 01 and Escentric Molecules, has now been extended to include all the fragrances in the range. The cases come in metallic colours and can be refilled with small travel-sized bottles.

      The new line - which is expected to break the mould when it comes to packaging and perfume - will be released next year.
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      1. furrypine's Avatar
        furrypine -
        Buxton, Duchaufour and Schoen; hmmm, what will they name the brand:


        Or anagrams like:
        foxhound brunch sauce out

        such unorthodox cube faun
      1. treeman5823's Avatar
        treeman5823 -
        We'll see. Could be interesting.
      1. lpp's Avatar
        lpp -
        Thank you for your article - something else to keep an eye on.
      1. Francop's Avatar
        Francop -
        Sounds very exciting! Thank You :-)
      1. forfreddie's Avatar
        forfreddie -
        Buxton You're getting everything wrong...

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