• Cinema Series, Vertigo

    A retired detective, Scottie Ferguson, is hired by Gavin Elster to follow his wife. Madeleine Elster has been acting strangely, wandering around in a fugue state as if haunted by, or herself pursuing, a ghost. Scottie falls madly in love with her, and both of their worlds are undone by obsession, deceit, and disillusionment in that vertiginous city by the bay — San Francisco.

    Vertigo is a perfume in the key of obsession. A mix of narcotic flowers on an inky, musky base, Vertigo’s sensuality and headiness keep you off‐balance and wanting more.

    Possible notes: Coriander, plum, tuberose, gardenia, cinnamon, cedarwood, musk, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, gaiac wood

    Perfumes that inspire Vertigo:Musc Ravageur

    Submitted by dubonnetdelrio


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    1. dareka's Avatar
      dareka -
      This one's quite enticing. I think you've created a very convincing association between the movie and the fragrance.
    1. kb2003's Avatar
      kb2003 -
      I admire each of the "cinema series," but this is easily my favorite. The mix of sultry florals and nose-y spices definitely speaks of obsession and disorientation to me. Nice work!
    1. hmedlock's Avatar
      hmedlock -
      Great choices for fragrance notes, especially the first five. It sounds like a throwback to a vintage classic. Names like Grace, Grant, Lily, and Vivienne are becoming really popular again. Time has a tendency to repeat itself. This sounds like it would be a good fragrance for the younger generations as well as older generations. Those are really hard to find.
    1. Lisaandtheword's Avatar
      Lisaandtheword -
      I like everything about this idea!

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