• Ann Gerard on her debut fragrance collection [video]

    Paris-based Ann Gerard follows in the tradition of jewellers who establish a perfume collection. Gerard, who has a showroom near the Bastille, asked the perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, who is also a customer and friend if he would work with her. He has created three well-received perfumes for the line, which started last year.

    Ciel d’Opale is based around linden blossom, Cuir de Nacre is around Iris, andPerle de Mousse – galbanum, lily of the valley and green notes.

    “My first idea to create a perfume came when I had an exhibition in 2010 at the Gallery Elsa Vanier. I wanted something to go with the show and Bertrand always told me that if I wanted to do something with perfume he would help me. The words ‘Parure Secrète’ are written on the caps, which means ‘Secret Adornment’. With perfume, you don’t see it, but the perfume tells the secret. You wear the perfume like an invisible jewel.”


    1. Esxence Milano 2013


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    1. Kiliwia's Avatar
      Kiliwia -
      All 3 of these perfumes are very good. I especially like the Cuir de Nacre.

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