• Basenotes Reader Awards 2013 - WINNERS

    Basenotes are pleased to announced the winners of the 2013 Reader Awards. The Basenotes Reader Awards are the chance for fragrance consumers to decide which fragrances are the best of last year.

    The results were previewed to attendees of the last London Perfume Lovers meet up, and we are now officially revealing the winners. Finalists can be found here.

    Best New Fragrance for Women Interlude Woman : Amouage
    Best New Fragrance for Men Spicebomb : Viktor & Rolf
    Best New Niche/Artisan Fragrance Interlude Man : Amouage
    Best New Celebrity Fragrance Truth or Dare : Madonna
    Best New Flanker L'Ambre des Merveilles : Hermès
    Best Fragrance Packaging 2012 Spicebomb : Viktor & Rolf
    Best Marketing Campaign 2012 Chanel No.5 : Inevitable
    Best Perfumery Les Senteurs, London
    Best Online Perfumery luckyscent.com
    Perfumer of the year Bertrand Duchaufour
    House of the year Guerlain
    New House of the Year (formed since 2007) Slumberhouse
    Best Ever Women's Fragrance* Shalimar : Guerlain
    Best Ever Men's Fragrance* Aventus : Creed

    *YSL Opium and Terre d'Hermès won the "Best Ever" award last year, so these have been retired to a "Basenotes Classics" category. Future winners of this award will join them.

    Winner of the $100 gift certificate is frostiblack


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    1. Ivan D' Great's Avatar
      Ivan D' Great -
      What? Best campaign?!
      Yeah right, this is so sad
    1. haduken's Avatar
      haduken -
      that brad pitt ad that everyone has been making fun of? LOL.
    1. magnus611's Avatar
      magnus611 -
      Aventus Rules...and enters classic Hall of fame .....yeah...there in your face all you Aventus haters.....
    1. kalli's Avatar
      kalli -
      Ok, this was from April?