• Guerlain Muguet 2013: ‘One day, one bottle, one fragrance’

    Guerlain’s 2013 limited edition Muguet will be available on 1st May* this year.

    Officially ‘La Fête du Travail’ (National Labour Day), 1st May is also known in France as ‘La Fête du Muguet’ (Lily of the Valley Day). Supposedly originating on 1st May 1561, when King Charles IX of France was presented with a bouquet, the French tradition of giving sprigs of lily of the valley on May Day to bring good luck is still popular today.

    Guerlain’s very first Muguet was created in 1840 and, by the turn of the twentieth century, a bouquet of lily of the valley flowers had become a fashionable choice for young men to present to their sweethearts - so perhaps it’s no coincidence that Jacques Guerlain’s famous Muguet became so successful on its release. In recent years, the house has celebrated May Day with a limited edition, specially created, ‘delectable, bucolic’ lily of the valley perfume, available for one day only.

    This year’s Muguet contains the ‘bright green notes’ of lily of the valley, with added heart notes of rose, jasmine and lilac. It is presented in the quadrilobé bottle, a design which dates from 1908, this time embellished with a delicately embossed paper image created by Créanog, a creative studio specialising in paper sculptures. The finishing touches are a ‘spring green’ thread circling the neck of the bottle, which is embellished with a gold Guerlain seal.

    Guerlain Muguet 2013 is a limited edition of only 1,349 numbered pieces worldwide. Available for purchase in the UK on 1st May 2013, exclusively from Harrods, the 60ml bottle can be yours for a (slightly eye-watering) £355. US residents can find the scent at Neiman Marcus for $575.

    * The press release we received from Guerlain had stated the fragrance would be available from the 1st May, however the company have since tweeted that is available from April 21st at Harrods.


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    1. Fleurine's Avatar
      Fleurine -
    1. songbird's Avatar
      songbird -
      I absolutely love Guerlains Lilly of the Valley and look forward to purchasing a bottle every year! Every time I put on my Muguet fragrance my days our filled with compliments from friends and random people as well. There is never a day that I wear it that I have not been complimented. I just bought my bottle of Muguet from NORDSTROM at the South Coast Plaza location (714) 549-8300 ext 1412, ask for Justin he is very knowledgeable, friendly and specializes in Guerlain fragrances.
    1. NineInchNell's Avatar
      NineInchNell -
      I would love to try this, as Diorissimo is the only overtly lily of the valley fragrance I'm familiar with.
    1. Fleurine's Avatar
      Fleurine -
      Happy May Day! I have a bottle of this but it's sitting on my shelf until I get home from work.

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