• Show featuring PK Perfumes nominated for Taste Awards

    A radio show featuring PK Perfumes has been nominated for two Hollywood Entertainment awards. The Taste Awards are the premier broadcast awards celebrating the year’s best achievements in food, fashion, home and lifestyle programs on television, in film, online, and on radio.

    Last week the Finalists were announced by the Academy of Media Tastemakers, picking a Public Radio interview of the perfumer Paul Kiler of PK Perfumes. The segment comes from the Radio program, “My Awesome Empire”, and is a finalist in the category of “Best Fashion or Design Web Program,” and in the category of “Best Beauty Program.”

    Perfumer Paul Kiler says, “How cool is it to be the first Perfumer to be nominated in the categories of Beauty and Fashion? I’m truly amazed and honored.” The 5th Annual Taste Award winners will receive their honors on January 16th, 2014 at a Red Carpet Hollywood Awards celebration in Hollywood at The Egyptian Theatre.

    Paul Kiler spent seven years teaching himself the Art, Craft, and Science of Perfumery. He launched his company PK Perfumes in September 2012, and has a line of 11 fragrances for both Women and Men.


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    1. pkiler's Avatar
      pkiler -
      Oh, and BTW, You can listen to the show here:

      But also very importantly, *YOU* can vote for me, and Vote for Perfumery too, because one of the two awards is by popular vote, So, I NEED YOUR VOTE TO WIN!!!!

      To cast your votes for "My Awesome Empire" and PK Perfumes, go to:


      go down to category 7:

      7 . Best Fashion or Design: Web Program or Video
      (can vote for up to 3 choices)
      "My Awesome Empire"" radio feature

      Please only Vote for My Awesome Empire, it improves the chances to win.Invite your friends to listen and vote as well.

    1. lpp's Avatar
      lpp -
      Good luck, Paul!
    1. socalwoman's Avatar
      socalwoman -
      Congratulations on the nomination! My money's on you Paul!!
    1. ScentFan's Avatar
      ScentFan -
      Really enjoyed the interview. Voted for you and ordered your samples. Good luck!
    1. kalli's Avatar
      kalli -
      I need to try your line already!
    1. kantofox's Avatar
      kantofox -
      Wow, Paul I had no idea you were based out of San Bernardino. It's awesome to know that the Inland area is still globally relevant. Also break a leg at the awards. Perhaps I need to follow you a little more closely as some one to aspire to surpass
    1. darrylhunter's Avatar
      darrylhunter -
      way to go!!
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      Wonderful, PK!
    1. Roper-Hall's Avatar
      Roper-Hall -
      Voted for you today, Paul. Your sample pack really blew me away. Move over Slumberhouse, PKiler has arrived!
    1. RHM's Avatar
      RHM -
      Excellent news!!!!! Congratulations, Paul!

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