• Awake Till Dawn

    Sleep is primal. Neither the body nor the mind can live without it.
    Every single day, all of us are drawn to the comfort, safety and
    warmth it offers. But there are times when avoiding sleep can be
    equally magical, equally memorable. Think of a night spent in
    the company of close friends. Ten o’clock turns to
    midnight. Conversation flows with easy intimacy. The
    smells of companionship: tobacco; tea; sweet fruit,
    blood. The air is filled with languor. Two o’clock in the
    morning. Laughter. Memories of childhood, of a
    time when time was meaningless. Five o’clock.
    Someone suggests a walk to a nearby stream. “It’ll
    soon be morning. Shall we watch the sunrise
    together?” A few minutes later, they see
    gently flowing water, drifting over pebbles,
    forming tiny ripples. Dew starts to appear
    on blades of grass. The soil around them
    is beginning to stir. And then it comes.
    The unforgettable moment. The split
    second when the sun is first
    detected. All is quiet. All is perfect
    stillness. Senses are heightened.
    Everything is perceived with
    crystalline clarity. The friends realise
    they are truly sharing this moment
    with each other. From a distance, a
    scent is being carried on the air,
    perhaps from someone’s garden. Is it
    lavender? Or jasmine? A touch of mint?
    They breathe in the dawn, allowing it to fill their
    thoughts. They smile, turn around and head back
    home. But they don’t utter a single word, wanting to preserve,
    for as long as they possibly can, the enchantment of this night.

    Submitted by dareka


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    1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
      Redneck Perfumisto -
      I do love that moment. Gotta admit. And it's particularly nice in Kansas in the summer. Oh, don't remind me! Now I want to go back!

      I think the perfumer could have a very good time with this, definitely.

      [PS - "...the enchantment of this night." Welcome to "Club Enchantée" - we're up to 4 members now! ]
    1. dareka's Avatar
      dareka -
      Thanks very much indeed for the comment, Redneck; I appreciate your taking the time to write.Now that all the briefs have been made public, I thought people might be interested to see mine in the original submitted version, which also uses colours etc to get its ideas across. Here's a link to the PDF: http://www.dariushalavi.com/AwakeTillDawn.pdf

      Good luck to everyone!
    1. selky's Avatar
      selky -
      This could be really interesting and complex. I really like the imagery, the night story - and the use of indigo to pale gold of dawn.
    1. dareka's Avatar
      dareka -
      Thank you for the comment selky. Yes, the idea was to make it fairly unusual, in that it goes from dark to light. I should think that would make a pretty interesting 'chemical' challenge.
    1. JDBIII's Avatar
      JDBIII -
      I loved those nights. And those mornings. Excitement and comfort all at once. This one is going to be tricky.
    1. dareka's Avatar
      dareka -
      Yes, me too JDBIII. Maybe it was the novelty of the experience that made them special.

      And yes, I agree that the fragrance would probably present a challenge, but maybe one of the perfumers is willing to have a go at it?

      Thanks for commenting.

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