• Ray of Light

    a fragrance inspired by Madonna’s Ray Of Light

    A sombre opening.
    The first touch of rose,
    Heavy. Dark. Deadly.

    But a hint of rain
    —warm and cleansing—
    soon begins to appear.

    The pace increases.
    Heaviness and lightness combine.

    A contrast between the sharp
    and the earthy.
    Pepper. Eucalyptus.
    Patchouli. Leather.

    And finally,
    the rose reappears,
    but it is now
    translucent, airy and electric.

    It spreads its wings,
    lifts itself up,
    and conquers the open sky
    like perfect, blazing

    In technical terms, the central concept behind this fragrance is for it to be a modern counterpart to Guerlain’s Nahema, with its dizzying vortex of sharpness and smokiness, which eventually settles into a dusky, distinctly Asian rose. This new fragrance will spin with comparable giddiness, but its final destination will be unmistakably modern and transparent: a ‘digital rose’ for the information age.

    Submitted by dareka


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    1. dareka's Avatar
      dareka -
      Hi everyone.Now that all the briefs have been made public, I thought people might be interested to see mine in the original submitted version, which also uses colours etc to get its ideas across. Here's a link to the PDF: http://www.dariushalavi.com/rayoflight.pdf

      The brief is meant to be read in conjunction with the song's lyrics, but these have been omitted, for copyright reasons.Good luck to everyone!
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      Hello, I did have your pdf's added, but removed them before I publicly showed them, as I think they had some contact details on them. Let me know and I can re-add them if you wish, as I know the plain text versions don't look much like your submissions!
    1. dareka's Avatar
      dareka -
      Hi Grant,Yes, I thought something like that might have happened, and I appreciate your foresight; I've removed my contact details from the PDF above.If you'd like to include a proper PDF link, let me know, and I'll send you the PDFs without my contact details; if you think the link I've included above is sufficient, then that's fine with me too.Thanks for your help.
    1. LiveJazz's Avatar
      LiveJazz -
      This sounds very nice to me. I prefer florals to have a spicy, earthy zip to them, rather than fade to the expected ambery sweetness.
    1. dareka's Avatar
      dareka -
      Thanks very much LiveJazz. Yes, I wanted this to be a rose at its heart, but with a surrounding haze of electricity and the fast, manic pace of modernity.

      Perhaps you'd also like to read my other briefs: Awake Till Dawn and Modern Arabia.

      Best wishes.