• Britney Spears releases new music video for latest song, Perfume

    Britney Spears has released a four and a half minute advert for her perfumes, masquerading as a music video for her latest song, perfume. The video mainly features Spears lounging about in her underwear.

    The most recent perfume launch from Britney Spears was Island Fantasy back in April, which features notes of tangerine, clementine, watermelon, jasmine, violet, freesia, musk and sugar cane


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    1. lpp's Avatar
      lpp -
      Complete with advert for facial fillers!
    1. jujy54's Avatar
      jujy54 -
      No kidding, lpp!

      otoh, I think the director knows a thing or two about contemporary art, the image around 2:30 is stright from a Lisa Yuskavage painting, specifically Honeymoon. Am I wrong?


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