• Basenotes articles and writers nominated for Jasmine Awards

    Two Basenotes articles, one by Persolaise, and one by Get Lippie have been nominated for the upcoming Jasmine Awards, which are an annual award for fragrance journalism in the UK. As well as the Basenotes articles, two regular contributors - Thomas Dunckley and Pia Long, are also nominated.

    In the Jasmine Digital Award category, Persolaise is nominated for his Basenotes article The Power to make your heart kinder and Ylang 49 from Le Labo which was published on his blog. Thomas Dunckley is nominated for The Candy Perfume Boy's Guide to Violet which was published on his blog.

    Louise Woollam aka Get Lippie is nominated in the Digital Fragrance Experience category for her Pound Shop Fragrance Challenge Basenotes Article.

    Pia Long is nominated in the The Jasmine Literary Award (For Magazines) category for her Your Nose is a Snowflake article for Odou Magazine.

    We will find out the winners on March 12th.


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      Thanks for the info., Grant - good luck to all concerned!
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      Fantastic! Now I'd best re
      ad these (:
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      Nice knowing were on a quality site
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