• Le Jardin Retrouvé celebrate 35th Anniversary

    French niche-perfumer Le Jardin Retrouvé are celebrating their 35th Anniversary this year. The company was founded in 1975 by perfumer, Yuri Gutsatz, with the idea to "return to the artisanal sources from which perfumery originated, with all that it implies in terms of patience and love of a thing well done."

    The company carry 16 fragrances and have also recently relaunched their website.


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    1. Bartlebooth's Avatar
      Bartlebooth -
      It is so good to see this company get a mention, they really do produce some outstanding fragrances. Eau de Vetyver is one of my staples, and I hope many more people discover this excellent fragrance house. The website had looked a little dated, and I am pleased to see that some effort has been made to upgrade it.
    1. laurinha's Avatar
      laurinha -
      Seconding "Island Monkey": I recently sampled their Eau de Vetyver, Verveine Celeste and Citron Povre and was impressed by the quality and complexity of the fragrances.