• Shay & Blue to launch new fragrance, Blacks Club Leather

    London-based Shay & Blue have announced their latest fragrance, Blacks Club Leather. The fragrance has been inspired by the Soho member's club, Blacks and is set to launch in June.

    The fragrance has been created by brand perfumer Julie Massé in collaboration with founder, Dom De Vetta and is available as fragrance and candle. It is described as a "refined, soft leather fragrance, ideal for men or women." Notes for the fragrance include leather, cognac note, fire wood, mahogany and beeswax.

    The fragrance will be available from June 1st at Shay & Blue stockists.

    Update 28 April: It appears to be available on their website now.


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    1. Kaern's Avatar
      Kaern -
      Can't help thinking a launch in the Autumn would be better for this one

      Have purchased 2 in the range and they are pretty good -- nice pricepoint also

      Will check this out in June.

      Thanks Grant
    1. thebeck's Avatar
      thebeck -
      It's for sale on their website now.
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      Quote Originally Posted by thebeck View Post
      It's for sale on their website now.
      So it is -- their PR told me it was available from June 1st. Odd!

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