• Amouage tease new fragrance duo : Journey, on Facebook page

    Amouage have posted an image of their next fragrance duo, seemingly called Journey on its Facebook page. Judging by the image of the bottles, the fragrance will be available for men and for women. We'll post more information when it is announced.

    Amouage's Interlude fragrances were winners in the Basenotes Reader Awards in 2013 and Fate Man and Fate Woman are finalists in the Awards for 2014.


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    1. teardrop's Avatar
      teardrop -
      lnteresting, thanks Grant!

      l love the name. Journey are one of my favourite bands ever, so l will have to try this.
    1. majesticmammy's Avatar
      majesticmammy -
      Me too love Journey & Love Amouage and love this Suspense!
    1. chocolateguy's Avatar
      chocolateguy -
      I'm so happy to see this good news. Hope to get more information about Amouage Journey soon.
    1. Indagnacious's Avatar
      Indagnacious -
      Made a post on this a while back but it's nice to see it's confirmed. Thanks.
    1. Kiliwia's Avatar
      Kiliwia -
      I'm looking forward to trying Journey. I've been hearing about it for some time, it's good to finally see a picture! Thanks!

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