• Marc Jacobs adds Daisy Dream to line-up

    Marc Jacobs is to launch the latest fragrance in his Daisy range. Daisy Dream will join 2007’s Daisy, 2011’s Daisy Eau So Fresh, and a whole lot of limited edition flankers.

    Jacobs describes the fragrance as a “more sophisticated, etheral version” of Daisy, and the scent contains notes of jasmine, blackberry, coconut water and blue wisteria. The fragrances was created by Firmenich’s Alberto Morillas in conjunction with Ann Gottlieb.

    The fragrance will launch exclusively next month in World Duty Free stores in the UK, before a worldwide launch later in June.

    Daisy Dream will be available as 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette, plus a body lotion and shower gel.


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    1. mushroom8118's Avatar
      mushroom8118 -
      Interesting Wonder how this one smells like. I owned a Daisy but it's nothing special for me. One of my ordinary perfume lists.
    1. gonegal202's Avatar
      gonegal202 -
      My mom loves Daisy I can't wait for her to smell this!!
    1. mushroom8118's Avatar
      mushroom8118 -
      Great that she loves it. My mom loves the smell of Daisy as well but she still love her No.5 so much Maybe cos it's classic.

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