• Sorrisi

    The fresh scent of wild herbs, sweetened by market figs, join the fungal fruit of Tuscan soil and native stone infused with the life of church and cellar.

    Vacationing in Italy makes my friend Marsha smile — “When you’re knocking about the hills, everything you kick smells good. In Val d’Orcia, where wild herbs abound and the sheep feed on them, they give perfume to the Pecorino di Pienza cheese. You can’t buy cheese like this anywhere else, you have to go to Pienza to get the real
    thing, and it smells of aged wild thyme, oregano, and lavender.”

    Reference scents

    Acqua Della
    Macchia Mediterranea
    Guerlain Djedi

    Note that Djedi earns its mineral, cellar-like scent from iris and oakmoss or vetiver; its earthiness is not derived from patchouli, which would overpower the subtlety of green herbs.

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    1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
      Redneck Perfumisto -
      To me, Sorrisi has the possibility of extending the Hermès Jardin series, all of which I own. It is, in some ways, Un Jardin en Toscane. Well, I'm certainly not going to argue with that. This one "holds the cedar" but keeps the fig, relative to Un Jardin en Meditérranée. It also adds a lot of other good stuff. I'm on an herbal and green kick right now, so I'll have no problem buying this one.

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