• Gendarme gets very naughty!

    The latest fragrance range from Gendarme are for those of us who have been naughty... Gendarme's Seven Sinful Scents are "the fruition of a years worth of research into the best and baddest scents around."

    The scents were created by Gendarme's Topper Schroeder, who worked with Rene Morgenthaler to produce the seven scents of: Envious, Excess, Rage, Lust, Sloth, Greed and Vanity. The notes for each fragrance seem to represent each sin - Excess for example contains notes of Vanilla, Rum and Dark Chocolate.

    Topper told Basenotes:

    "My idea was to work with very original fragrance concepts and gear them in jest to the "naughtiness" that is showing up in out culture. I actually don't think our mindset has changed, we just talk about it now...with that in mind: SLOTH reflects the best Martini ever, LUST is totally wrapped in leather and GREED has the faint attraction of newly minted money. EXCESS (gluttony) is a trip through a bakery (not Wholefoods), RAGE is hot with peppers, cinnamon and ginger, ENVIOUS is green, of course, and VANITY is probably a reflection of me.

    Most of all, I wanted very wearable fragrances that even I could wear (my allergies are legendary), so they were created for women in such a way that all could wear. It is important to know that I don't sell my fragrances as hypo-allergenic. Some where, someone will show a sensitivity and I don't want to give people a false confidence. The non-allergic thing applies to me."

    The range is available exclusively at Sephora.