• Ethere

    This is a new fragrance for men. It was inspired by a hike that I took last October in the Mountains of North Carolina. The scent of Valerian filled the early morning of a cloudy, drizzly day. I propose to create a scent that showcases valerian root. It should sit atop a chypre, possibly of tangerine, cistus and frankincense. And, it should be dry and soft but warm.

    A man stands on a balcony facing inwards towards his bedroom but down towards the floor. He, the balcony and the room are all in sepia tones with hints of burnt orange and gold. Behind him is a large, famous city in bright colors. He seems oblivious to the color and the noise. He is lost in the sound of Sicilienne from Pelleas and Melisande, Op. 80, by Gabrial Faure. It has a lovely, lilting melody, but the harmonies tell you that there is a rich interplay of emotions just below the surface and foreshadows a drama that is about to erupt. The past has brought him to a moment of great tenderness and anticipation. In just moments, he will be entwined with the one he loves, and they, but no one else, will share this scent.

    Submitted by JDBIII


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