• Chicago Pajamas

    At the end of a cold day, when you’ve given your all just to fight through wind and snow, it’s bliss to kick back in flannel pajamas and take warm comfort food.

    Chicago Pajamas is imagined as a gourmand fragrance utilizing some of the following notes: rice, cream, cinnamon, peach, apricot, raisins, caramel, praline,
    vanilla. For contrast or interest, other elements could be used: cedar, rum, amaretto, hazelnut, graham, cardamom, nutmeg, coconut, dates.

    The trick would be not making the scent too sweet, but instead creamy. Other notes
    to consider: white amber, immortelle flower, powder, musk.

    *Chicago Pajamas (aka Chitown PJs or CPJs) might need a renaming, given that Basenotes’ fragrances will hail from the U.K., but I didn’t know your equivalent to America’s “Windy City” — so feel free to play with the name.

    Recipes to reference
    Pralines (as Americans use the word): sugar, brown
    sugar, cream, butter, pecans, vanilla.
    Rice pudding: milk, rice, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon.
    (Sometimes rosewater is added.)

    Products to reference
    Some scents containing praline notes: Keiko
    Mecheri Gourmandises, CH by Carolina Herrera,
    Chopard Mira Bai, Crazylibellule and The Poppies
    Vanilla Pralines, Hanae Mori Butterfly.

    Submitted by Quarry


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