• The Basenotes / CPL Aromas Fragrance Project: Update

    Just a quick note to let everyone know where we are up to on the fragrance project. For those of you who don't know, CPL Aromas will be creating three fragrances to the brief of the Basenotes members. As the development of the fragrances progresses members will be able to have their say on which way the fragrances go.

    We have published all of the briefs here, please go and read through them and make comments on the scents you would like to see made.

    A team from Basenotes and CPL will decide on the three briefs that will be turned into fragrances.

    To find out how you can have a hand in the fragrances development, click here.

    You can also read the interviews with Beverly Bayne, Mike Parrott and David Ruskin who are the CPL perfumers who are going to turn the three briefs into real juice.

    Finally, discuss the project on the forums here.

    For those of you who don't know, the building above is Barrington Hall, where CPL Aroma's are based.


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    1. P.Rabbit's Avatar
      P.Rabbit -
      i'd like to know how we can purchase these fragrances!
    1. royalhighness1's Avatar
      royalhighness1 -
      Eau de Azilde sounds like a wonderful romantic classic for a fragrance.
    1. JDBIII's Avatar
      JDBIII -
      Have you set a date for the announcing of which briefs have been chosen?