• Ancient perfumes revived to celebrate royal engagement

    As a gift, to celebrate his engagement, Prince Nicolò Boncompagni Ludovisi has commissioned an exquisite perfume, first crafted four hundred years ago by his ancestor, the then Prince of Piombino, for his Princess.

    The perfumes’ formulas, locked in the family archives since the 1600’s, were reorchestrated by perfumer, Lorenzo Dante Ferro. He followed the ancient formula, using over two hundred ingredients, to produce L’Aurora, named after Guercino’s masterpiece

    A male fragrance, used by the first Prince of Piombino, was also unearthed from the archives and recreated. It is named Giove Nettuno Plutone, after the only known ceiling painted by Caravaggio.

    Prince Nicolò has agreed that these unique perfumes should not be kept an within the family. So, as the wedding approaches, a limited number will be available exclusively from the www.PrinceNBL.com website.


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