• Tempted To Touch by Fred Miller

    Top - Amber, Grapefruit, Coconut, Jasmine
    Mid - Cinnamon, Hawaiian White Ginger, Leather, Patchouli
    Base - Sandalwood, Tobacco, Musk, Tuberose

    Ideal For: Fall, Winter, Night

    The way I chose the name Tempted To Touch was because of its message and I wanted this to be a sexy fragrance. CINNAMON is in the heart of the fragrance, but the funny thing is that I only used a small amount (1-2 %) because of its strength, which allows it to be detected throughout the top and the mid of the fragrance. I never would have thought that the combination of those notes would turn into a sexy fragrance. It was done as a test to see how it would come to smell.

    The Ad:
    Similar to the Tom Ford picture where he is centered and the chic is pulling on him, only difference would be that there is more than one attemtping to pull on him. Very sexy ad.

    Submitted by LilKCCeleb


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