• New from La Via del Profumo - and your chance to win.

    A new Scent by La Via del Profumo, “Mecca Balsam” has been added to the “Scents Of The Soul” collection. As with all his products, perfumer Dominique Dubrana has composed this from 100% natural ingredients.

    The inspiration for Mecca Balsam came from his own journey to Mecca. He composed it to encapsulate the olfactory signature of the Holy City itself and “the trail of a million scents in the wake of the pilgrims”.

    At its centre lies Labdanum and it features also tonka, frankincense Indian tuberose, tobacco and damask Rose.

    It is intended for men and women alike. It is available now from profumo.it at 34 Euros for 16ml and 92 Euros for 50ml.


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    1. hirch_duckfinder's Avatar
      hirch_duckfinder -
      On the website it says it contains tobacco too. I don't know, these sloppy journalists..
    1. michailG's Avatar
      michailG -
      I may be moving to a Muslim country for career purposes. Could Mecca Balsam make the transition easier? Help me in my socialisation there? Provide me with a scented background to mellow my sadness of what I leave behind and get isnpired for what lies ahead?
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      Quote Originally Posted by hirch_duckfinder View Post
      On the website it says it contains tobacco too. I don't know, these sloppy journalists..
      tsk tsk.. I'll add it in the article...
    1. mediterranée's Avatar
      mediterranée -
      Oh, that sounds delicious! Rose and frankincense... yum...
    1. petruccijc's Avatar
      petruccijc -
      Some of my favorite notes - look forward to trying it.
    1. 30 Roses's Avatar
      30 Roses -
      I'm always up for trying a new rose fragrance. Sounds very smooth.
    1. Heerst's Avatar
      Heerst -
      Sounds interesting. Never tried anything from this house.
    1. Nostalgie's Avatar
      Nostalgie -
      Damask rose and frankincense? Labdanum and benzoin? Tobacco? I can't wait to try this one.
    1. Aerandir4's Avatar
      Aerandir4 -
      alright this sounds fantastic, I haven't been for my Hajj pilgrimage yet but this scent could give an early indication of what to expect in terms of aromas.
    1. the_good_life's Avatar
      the_good_life -
      This sounds so very good. It may just make the whole Montale Oud line redundant
    1. torooo's Avatar
      torooo -
      Sounds interesting.
    1. Giustino's Avatar
      Giustino -
      The "vintage" look on this bottle looks very promosing. Seems like a smokey woody perfume.. well.. they didn't name it mecca for nothing! Would've been a nice present for my birthday ^^
    1. spircles's Avatar
      spircles -
      Sounds beautiful! I would love to try it, although I haven't tried a fragrance with tobacco yet.... hehe.
    1. dewey eyed's Avatar
      dewey eyed -
      It does sounds lovely.
    1. robinia's Avatar
      robinia -
      This sounds perfect. And the bottle is gorgeous.
    1. chayaruchama's Avatar
      chayaruchama -
      How utterly seductive.
      Please enter me into the scented fray !
    1. Ciprian's Avatar
      Ciprian -
      It looks like a luxurious bottle of Cognac.
    1. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
      Sorcery of Scent -
      This sounds beautiful... I am on a labdanum voyage of discovery these days. I will have to try this one!
    1. indyupstairs's Avatar
      indyupstairs -
      I like the name. Like the bottle. Love the ingredients. I cant seem to get enough of labdanum, incense, and tobacco rounded with flowers. Will have to put on my sample list.
    1. WillC's Avatar
      WillC -
      Sounds awesome. Looking forward to trying it.

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