• New from La Via del Profumo - and your chance to win.

    A new Scent by La Via del Profumo, “Mecca Balsam” has been added to the “Scents Of The Soul” collection. As with all his products, perfumer Dominique Dubrana has composed this from 100% natural ingredients.

    The inspiration for Mecca Balsam came from his own journey to Mecca. He composed it to encapsulate the olfactory signature of the Holy City itself and “the trail of a million scents in the wake of the pilgrims”.

    At its centre lies Labdanum and it features also tonka, frankincense Indian tuberose, tobacco and damask Rose.

    It is intended for men and women alike. It is available now from profumo.it at 34 Euros for 16ml and 92 Euros for 50ml.


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    1. cpk's Avatar
      cpk -
      The bottle is equally inspiring as the notes themselves.
    1. furrypine's Avatar
      furrypine -
      Finally a line of natural perfumes that I find interesting! I would love to try a sample. And if you don't win, check the website of Profumo.it, they have an excellent sample program.
    1. Doc Elly's Avatar
      Doc Elly -
      This sounds like my kind of 'fume. I would go out and buy some and write a review, but that would defeat the purpose of entering the lottery to win a bottle, wouldn't it?
    1. donna255's Avatar
      donna255 -
      Honestly is sounds like oriental heaven.
    1. conehead's Avatar
      conehead -
      It sounds interesting.....and I like the calligraphy on the label! I gotta wonder what all the vapor trails on the way to Mecca actually smell like...then again, maybe not.
    1. L'Aventurier's Avatar
      L'Aventurier -
      Nice to see a new addition to the Scents of the Soul. Can't wait to try it! Anyone interested in Profumo.it's fragrances should definitely try Holy Water and Angelica Water - two truly tonic and crisp fragrances with seamless blending.
    1. socalwoman's Avatar
      socalwoman -
      The notes sound absolutely amazing. I hope samples become available through US-based retailers soon.
    1. joelarner's Avatar
      joelarner -
      Quote Originally Posted by socalwoman View Post
      The notes sound absolutely amazing. I hope samples become available through US-based retailers soon.
      Like Dimitri, I am on a labdanum odyssey at the moment and those notes sound absolutely divine!
    1. xtcied's Avatar
      xtcied -
      “The trail of a million scents in the wake of the pilgrims” Eager to embark on this journey.
    1. Royal's Avatar
      Royal -
      I love the bottle, although I think I'd be more apt to drink the contacts than spray them.
    1. pelle's Avatar
      pelle -
      This I like! So far...
    1. robpmgc's Avatar
      robpmgc -
      Incense and tobacco with labdanum is always worth a try, I can't wait to get my hands on some. Great bottle as well.
    1. cvac's Avatar
      cvac -
      Sounds interesting...US distribution might be nice.
    1. jenson's Avatar
      jenson -
      Sounds Fab !
    1. fperdices's Avatar
      fperdices -
      I love Arabian scents. I hope this will be available in the US.
    1. hirch_duckfinder's Avatar
      hirch_duckfinder -
      Quote Originally Posted by the_good_life View Post
      This sounds so very good. It may just make the whole Montale Oud line redundant
      Hmm, it is not entirely clear if the fragrance contains oud or not. It is mentioned in the inspirational smells but not the actual composition notes. We shall have to wait and find out.

      Either way around - I'm betting its a killer.
    1. chezza's Avatar
      chezza -
      Even if I don't win, I see a sample in my future.
    1. dareka's Avatar
      dareka -
      The fragrance sounds wonderful... but it also carries a distinct whiff of fatwa. I hope the makers don't get in trouble with the Islamic establishment!
    1. Trufflehunter's Avatar
      Trufflehunter -
      This sounds great. Amber, Frankincense, Rose and a great bottle, although the label looks a little cheapish.
    1. Flora's Avatar
      Flora -
      Oh, this is just exactly right for me! Tobacco, tuberose AND labdanum? Be still, oh my heart!

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