• New from La Via del Profumo - and your chance to win.

    A new Scent by La Via del Profumo, “Mecca Balsam” has been added to the “Scents Of The Soul” collection. As with all his products, perfumer Dominique Dubrana has composed this from 100% natural ingredients.

    The inspiration for Mecca Balsam came from his own journey to Mecca. He composed it to encapsulate the olfactory signature of the Holy City itself and “the trail of a million scents in the wake of the pilgrims”.

    At its centre lies Labdanum and it features also tonka, frankincense Indian tuberose, tobacco and damask Rose.

    It is intended for men and women alike. It is available now from profumo.it at 34 Euros for 16ml and 92 Euros for 50ml.


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    1. ppf's Avatar
      ppf -
      Love the sound of it can't wait to smell the fragrance
    1. AromaX's Avatar
      AromaX -
      Sounds delicious. Love to try.
    1. Kelly9's Avatar
      Kelly9 -
      I am hoping to sample this soon. It sounds beautiful!
    1. LeBeau's Avatar
      LeBeau -
      This sounds like an interesting combination, I like the sound of it...I hope to try it!
    1. AlephNL's Avatar
      AlephNL -
      Review, anyone ?
    1. champy's Avatar
      champy -
      Yum! I have recently become interested in scents with rose ...especially if there are darker spicy accords. So this sounds like something I'd like to try. I also like that this is made from 100% natural ingredients.
    1. Sandy's Avatar
      Sandy -
      Has anyone been informed of being a winner?
    1. Giustino's Avatar
      Giustino -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
      Has anyone been informed of being a winner?
      Wondering the same..
    1. trikkirikki's Avatar
      trikkirikki -
      Sounds absolutely wonderful!
    1. jlentz's Avatar
      jlentz -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
      Has anyone been informed of being a winner?
      Quote Originally Posted by Giustino View Post
      Wondering the same..
      Yes, what ever became of this?
    1. actiasluna's Avatar
      actiasluna -
      Definitely a scent I would try.
    1. flemishpainter's Avatar
      flemishpainter -
      Well, if this is really still open and undecided, please enter me too!

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