• New from La Via del Profumo - and your chance to win.

    A new Scent by La Via del Profumo, “Mecca Balsam” has been added to the “Scents Of The Soul” collection. As with all his products, perfumer Dominique Dubrana has composed this from 100% natural ingredients.

    The inspiration for Mecca Balsam came from his own journey to Mecca. He composed it to encapsulate the olfactory signature of the Holy City itself and “the trail of a million scents in the wake of the pilgrims”.

    At its centre lies Labdanum and it features also tonka, frankincense Indian tuberose, tobacco and damask Rose.

    It is intended for men and women alike. It is available now from profumo.it at 34 Euros for 16ml and 92 Euros for 50ml.


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    1. Guerlain-lover's Avatar
      Guerlain-lover -
      It has some of my favorite notes, and sounds interesting. Looking forward to try
    1. valentinamaltese's Avatar
      valentinamaltese -
      It sounds fascinating. It's a pity that Via del profumo is, as far as I know, distributed only via Internet and that the samples are rather expensive. I'd love to try it!
    1. b3t0_1972's Avatar
      b3t0_1972 -
      bottle looks nice and I'd love to try it.
    1. odysseusm's Avatar
      odysseusm -
      Definitely would be interested in trying this. The concept of this fragrance appeals to me.
    1. schumaster's Avatar
      schumaster -
      oohhh rose and tobacco...interesting combo!!!!!
    1. Zerby's Avatar
      Zerby -
      You won't find this at the Mall. I would love to own a bottle. The bottle is a Big Winner!!! I need to smell it. Would I like to win it? A big Yes!!!!!
    1. Formosus's Avatar
      Formosus -
      I'm certainly up for receiving an expensive, rare bottle of fragrance for free!
    1. TricsMan's Avatar
      TricsMan -
      I hope those who are selected will review it for the community. I'd like to hear some of our more experienced reviewers' take on this one. (You know who you are.)
    1. colago's Avatar
      colago -
      Looks terribly expensive. Perhaps it's the bottle that's so costly.
    1. Sandy's Avatar
      Sandy -
      It seems to be mystical, deep, thought-provoking. The bottle is gorgeous, so is the colour of the juice. I'm eager to try it.
    1. phibess's Avatar
      phibess -
      Hmm, this could be the one I've been waiting for a million years. The notes look very promising and there's no danger of Iso E Super or other nasties in Profumo scents. I just hope the tuberose isn't the leading note in this composition.
    1. patmilkovich's Avatar
      patmilkovich -
      Roses are red,
      tobacco you chew,
      consider this random comment
      and I'll provide an unbiased view.
    1. mjr17's Avatar
      mjr17 -
      This sounds terrific. Love the bottle, too. I can't wait to try this!
    1. schell's Avatar
      schell -
      The thought of frankincense, rose, and tobacco together sounds beautiful to me...especially in a totally natural formulation. I'm checking this website immediately!
    1. asingleman's Avatar
      asingleman -
      why doesn't luckyscent carry this line?
    1. Ms Rochambeau's Avatar
      Ms Rochambeau -
      Ohmygod! labdanum and tobacco, natural ingredients...looks like I'm going to be eating Oodles of Noodles for a month to have this one!
    1. FragrantCloud's Avatar
      FragrantCloud -
      "trail of a million scents in the wake of the pilgrims" = rightfully so.
      The pilgrims who arrive to Mecca come from various walks of life. And this scent exemplifies the wide gamut of traditions and culture they bring with them to the journey.
      Would love to try this - the notes mentioned in this seems to have a sense of tranquility and subtleness in them.
    1. lautreamont's Avatar
      lautreamont -
      The notes evoke faraway places and peace. I would love to try this.
    1. Vardaman's Avatar
      Vardaman -
      Goodnes me, this does sound wonderful! It does also look beautiful, as other commenters have said. I'm definitely putting my comment here!
    1. Nicolas V's Avatar
      Nicolas V -
      Sounds wonderful. I haven't been to Mecca since Hajj in 2006. Beautiful memories, yet there are many I can't recall.

      Perhaps this one will bring them back?