• 20 years feels like an Eternity. New Aqua fragrance from Calvin Klein

    Eternity for Men Aqua is an update to one of Calvin Klein's most popular scents: Eternity for Men, which celebrates twenty years this year. The fragrance has blue juice and is described as a modern aquatic-woody fragrance.

    The fragrance consists of top notes (which apparently were inspired by Coty execs drinking Gin & Tonic's in a bar!) of Chilled cucumber, citrus cocktail, water lotus and watery green leaves; The heart notes are plum, pepper, red berries, lavender and white cedar. Base notes of sandalwood, guaiac wood, patchouli, musk.

    Available from May in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette.

    Coty have also announced that there will be a big Calvin Klein launch later this year.


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    1. da_markos's Avatar
      da_markos -
      sounds like another version of "eternity summer" nothing more, nothing les...
    1. Andrewthecologneguy's Avatar
      Andrewthecologneguy -
      I was flirting with the idea of sourcing all of the Eternity Summer versions and doing a complete set review. Now I am really considering it. I am a bit dissapointed tohugh...this is the decade of 'aqua' scents, but why not Eternity Black or Intense or something? i guess those sound equally as bad.
    1. Michael Picasso's Avatar
      Michael Picasso -
      Aqua sounds old. The bottle sucks! Nothing new.
    1. scentimus's Avatar
      scentimus -
      This sounds like what Clarins did with Thierry Mugler's Summer Flash renamed it IceMen. This looks like Eternity Summer being renamed Aqua.

      I see nothing big ever coming from Calvin Klein anymore.
    1. tanto's Avatar
      tanto -

      Eternity was a big hit in 1990, and for many years there after. I must agree with most of these comments that Eternity Aqua sounds like one of the Eternity summer editions. I really doubt it will make a big statement if any statement at all.
    1. dmarino67's Avatar
      dmarino67 -
      Already at Macy's - anyone try it?
    1. PawelL's Avatar
      PawelL -
      Looks faceless to me
    1. Worth1969's Avatar
      Worth1969 -
      Not bad, but not very original.
      Smells like a cross between Zegna Z and Polo Blue.
      Do we really need another generic fresh, aquatic scent?
      I don't think so!
    1. Urbandubista's Avatar
      Urbandubista -
      i have this. still a good choice for a refreshing scent though really a resemblance of polo blue.
    1. noirdrakkar's Avatar
      noirdrakkar -
      despite being called "aqua". it is not very aquatic (perhaps a little bit during the first 20 minutes). it dries down into a very woodsy scent.

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