• The Basenotes Fragrance Project - Choosing the Final Three Fragrances

    We've had great fun looking at all of your fragrance briefs. There were some really great ideas and we had lots of trouble choosing the final three. For those of you who don't know, Basenotes have teamed up with CPL Aromas to create three fragrances - and we're letting YOU decide how they smell.

    The first step was to invite our readers to send in their fragrance briefs. After careful consideration, Danielle Cooper and Grant Osborne from Basenotes chose three favourites, Shimon Kalichman chose his three, and Angela Stravrevska from CPL Aromas chose her three.

    In the end, there were two fragrances that had more votes, so they went through. We couldn't agree on the last one, so we let the perfumers decide on which they wanted to attempt.

    We're announcing the fragrances on Monday Wednesday*, but as a teaser, here are the perfumers talking about the fragrances they will be working on... (Click on the names to read an interview with each perfumer)

    Beverley Bayne: "Musky woods, resins and mosses will be key in the fragrance".

    Mike Parrott: "I like the unexpected and this brief allows me to create something unexpected".

    David Ruskin: "For this brief I will be looking at a contemporary soft suede take on the classic leather accord".

    The next step is for the perfumers to create three versions of each fragrance. We will then send these to the client (you!) to help decide how the fragrance is developed. If you wish to be part of this exciting project, you can sign up to the sampling program here.

    For those of you who paid a deposit last year, the remainder is now due. You can either Paypal the amount due (£55) to info@basenotes.net or wait, until we send a Paypal invoice by email next week.

    Remember to join us on Monday Wednesday* as we announce the three Basenotes Fragrances...

    *We'll be announcing the winners on Wednesday, due to technical issues.


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    1. dareka's Avatar
      dareka -
      Oh no, you can't just leave us with the teasers! That's really mean (...only joking).

      Now I'll have to hold my breath till Monday.

      Mind you, from those three quotes, it seems pretty clear that none of mine has won.

      Good luck to one and all!
    1. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
      Sorcery of Scent -
      Wow! The three teasers leave us longing for more! Already looking forward to Monday.
      I can't imagine how you've all narrowed it down to just three... the quality of submissions was stratospheric!
    1. 30 Roses's Avatar
      30 Roses -
      Well this is exciting!
    1. Asha's Avatar
      Asha -
      The selections sound fantastic--a leather, a moss and something "different". All things I will love to see developed
    1. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
      Mimi Gardenia -
      Very exciting news ! looking forward to it.
    1. kbe's Avatar
      kbe -
      I posted this link elsewhere but here too seems appropriate. Anticipation..:

    1. hmedlock's Avatar
      hmedlock -
      All three hints sound like the start of great fragrances. I can't imagine how hard it was to choose. There were several outstanding briefs.
    1. ComDiva's Avatar
      ComDiva -
      Extremely exciting news! Unfortunatlely I'm in a period of fiscal austerity that prohibits my participation directly in the sniffing/feedback, but I rely on my trusty BN family to provide a superlative result that will end up on my Wishlist immediately!
    1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
      Redneck Perfumisto -
      Quote Originally Posted by Asha View Post
      The selections sound fantastic--a leather, a moss and something "different". All things I will love to see developed
      My thoughts exactly! These all sound like they're being pitched right across the plate to BN folks. Resin and moss and musky woods are winning notes around here, and I smell a remembrance of things classic already. Leather has been a perennial favorite, and there were multiple leather submissions that were extremely attractive. And if there was ever a place that appreciated the new and the different, it's BN.

      But I've got a problem. Three bottles shipped from England isn't gonna be cheap!
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Perfumisto View Post
      But I've got a problem. Three bottles shipped from England isn't gonna be cheap!
      If there's enough demand, we'll have a look and see if any of our US niche perfumery pals might want to stock a few bottles!
    1. 30 Roses's Avatar
      30 Roses -
      That is a very good idea, Grant! Aedes maybe?
    1. Kevin Guyer's Avatar
      Kevin Guyer -
      This is really exciting and a milestone for Basenotes!
    1. jen77's Avatar
      jen77 -
      cool can scienceuticals go?
    1. Aerandir4's Avatar
      Aerandir4 -
      Anyone know if the winners of the fragrance competition have been revealed yet? They were due to be announced today and yet there's still no word
    1. ubuandibeme's Avatar
      ubuandibeme -
      I just signed on for the 'sampling program' throughout the fragrance development...can't wait to hear the 3 chosen briefs!
    1. silverdog's Avatar
      silverdog -
      You said Monday!
    1. JDBIII's Avatar
      JDBIII -
      Patience is a virtue,
      Possess it if you can,
      Rarely found in women,
      But NEVER in a man.
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      We're now announcing tomorrow. Sorry for the added suspense!
    1. the_good_life's Avatar
      the_good_life -
      The suspense is killing me
    1. kbe's Avatar
      kbe -
      That meant Today's-Today not Tomorrow's-Today...right?

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