• Old Spice going viral with new promo video

    Old Spice have launched a new promotional video, which aims to teach men to use a male shower gel, rather than using one with a feminine scent.

    The video, entitled "the man your man could smell like" can be seen below.


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    1. Nymphaea's Avatar
      Nymphaea -
      This is a very clever, tongue-in-cheek approach using bombastic humor to advertise a product that always works well, and the brand is clearly memorable. That is almost a unique approach in fragrance advertising these days! Go back to basics. I love it!
    1. Niles's Avatar
      Niles -
      I liked the Bruce Campbell commercials the best.
    1. Nostalgie's Avatar
      Nostalgie -
      I think the phrase 'I'm on a horse" is going to go viral.
      And oh my--check out the reveal of the Old Spice bottle at the end!
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      This is very funny! But then again, what is it to "smell like a man" on Basenotes?
    1. PawelL's Avatar
      PawelL -
      Brilliant advert! Shame I don't like the scent, though
    1. archmemory's Avatar
      archmemory -
      Funny! But it's such cliches of what makes a "men's fragrance" that are behind the slew of dull generic men's fragrances out there.. A pity!
    1. mikeperez23's Avatar
      mikeperez23 -
    1. Weimar27's Avatar
      Weimar27 -

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