• Final three fragrances announced in Basenotes / CPL Aromas Fragrance Project

    Well, here are the results you are eagerly awaiting. The names of the winning briefs that will go on to be made into real fragrances by CPL Aromas.

    The winning three are:

    Beverley Bayne will be creating 'Her Purse':
    ‘A women’s life is carried in her purse and I was intrigued to use the base of a purse – leather - and build a fragrant history of the purses content from there. Musky woods, resins and mosses will be key in the fragrance along with suede notes and powdery orris to represent a soft worn leather. Classic floral notes will represent the combination of fragrance blotters in the purse along with some spicy tropical florals and fruit notes that bring in the contemporary lip gloss elements’.
    Mike Parrot is bringing Dimitri's brief to life:
    ‘I like the unexpected and this brief allows me to create something unexpected. At the moment I’m not sure how the unexpected part of the fragrance will manifest itself but I am initially thinking of building something around a slightly toxic herbal note such as absinthe. Along the alcoholic route I also quite like dark rum notes so these may also appear, I’m not sure yet. The absinthe note tends to suggest the fragrance may be slightly more masculine rather than unisex but we’ll see how it evolves……
    Perfumer David Ruskin, said of Ruggles No. 1:
    "I love leathery chypre fragrances and as I said in my initial interview I like to revisit old fragrance styles and update them with modern aromachemicals. For this brief I will be looking at a contemporary soft suede take on the classic leather accord. I’m initially thinking of a green floral top note backed by a warm woody, powdery, oriental base all centred around a contemporary, sensual suede accord."
    So, what's the next stage? Well, our three expert perfumers are busy creating three versions of each brief to send out to the Basenotes Members on the sampling programme. Members who have joined get to have their say on how the fragrance is developed. Find out more by clicking here.

    But that's not all - some, if not all, of these fragrances are going to need a name - and there's packaging to design too. Stay tuned perfume lovers!


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    1. rtamara41's Avatar
      rtamara41 -
      I'm so late to this party, but thrilled upon reading the briefs...all sound bequiling, inviting and beautiful!
      Congratulations Dmitri, Ruggles and Quarry!

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