• Michael Edwards launches 2010 version of Fragrances of the World

    The 26th annual edition of the world’s most comprehensive and impartial fragrance guide is now available. The 2010 Michael Edwards Fragrances of the World guidebook – the ‘bible’ of the industry – this year features 7,000 fragrances including 800 new releases.

    “Besides the new standout scents that capture our attention as well as the classics that increase with popularity each year, the most notable trend in the industry right now comes from the growth in niche products,” said Michael Edwards.

    "Fragrance is a sociological phenomenon,” he said. “On the one hand, perfume is a commodity, dominated by global brands and fashion houses, but on the other hand we're in a new golden age of perfume, driven by artisans who seek to create experiences rather than brands,” said Michael.

    The book includes selective, niche, masstige, mass market and direct sale fragrances available worldwide, cross-referenced by fragrance family, gender, brand and year of launch. It also lists limited editions and previously significant fragrances that have been discontinued.

    “Fragrances of the World is dedicated to the idea that choosing a fragrance should be a pleasure, not a problem. It is the key to finding and recommending the right fragrance,” said Michael Edwards.

    “I think every single store that sells fragrances, needs to have this book, because it’s like a dictionary for us. It’s very important, because sometimes people don’t know what they want and it’s a very good tool to help them discover a new fragrance. I love this book, really, it’s fabulous – and it helps me sell more fragrances” – Josie Pastor, Neiman Marcus

    The fragrance wheel is slightly changed from previous versions, most noticeably, the Fougere / Aromatic family has been moved from its central 'Universal' position to in between Citrus and Dry Woods. The changes were as a result of a study by Dr Manuel Zarzo and Dr David Stanton. A pdf of the study can be found below for those interested.

    Fragrances of the World was released worldwide in January 2010.

    For more details see www.fragrancesoftheworld.com


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    1. Madame du Barry's Avatar
      Madame du Barry -
      This is online:


      ...but does it cover everything? Anyone who knows?
    1. granola357's Avatar
      granola357 -
      Has Edwards explained why the supposedly "universal" Aromatics category has been moved and placed between Dry Woods and Citrus? I like Edwards' taxonomy, but I'm not sure why he keeps moving the categories around.
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      Quote Originally Posted by granola357 View Post
      Has Edwards explained why the supposedly "universal" Aromatics category has been moved and placed between Dry Woods and Citrus?

      Yes. The rejig was done after Edwards read a paper by Drs Manuel Zarzo and David Stanton entitled "Understanding the underlying dimensions in perfumers' odor perception space as a basis for developing meaningful odor maps", He explains further on p.6 of the book (I'll ask his permission to reproduce)

      For those interested, I'll see if I can attach the paper as a pdf to this post.

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