• Mona di Orio talks about her creation process and forthcoming fragrances (video)

      Mona di Orio tells Basenotes about her creation process and her upcoming trio of fragrances based on musk, amber and leather. Filmed at the Esxence 2010 Fragrance Fair in Milan.

      About the author Danielle Cooper
      Author AvatarAs well as writing Jasmine Award shortlisted articles, Danielle is Basenotes' Community Manager.


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      1. hirch_duckfinder's Avatar
        hirch_duckfinder -
        Fantastic, she comes across really well. I will have to check out the fragrances now. Thanks for bringing this to us!
      1. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
        Sorcery of Scent -
        I only have the utmost respect for Mona and business partner Jeroen. I am very excited to try their new perfumes.
        Thank you for sharing this Grant!
      1. chayaruchama's Avatar
        chayaruchama -
        This is a very unusual woman.
        We met several years ago, and I was struck by her naturalness and genuine passion.
      1. Splash's Avatar
        Splash -
        Thank you!!! Mona is lovely! Well done.
      1. kumquat's Avatar
        kumquat -
        A splendid interview! She seems very serious and thoughtful. A real pleasure to see this. I am so excited to learn of these new scents. Thanks!
      1. Eleanore's Avatar
        Eleanore -
        It's great to know that Mona Di Orio is coming up with new fragrance. It's too bad that they're so expensive though. Anyways, it's good to see that she is a very nice, down to earth person. She is a lovely person!!
      1. Kevin Guyer's Avatar
        Kevin Guyer -
        She looks quite different than in her press photos which tend to elongate her face. She seems genuinely warm and at ease. I like her energy. Thanks to Dani!

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