• An interview with James Heeley at Esxence

      Basenotes' Danielle Cooper speaks with James Heeley, founder of Heeley fragrances. He talks to us about the background of his company, his new fragrance 'Oranges and Lemons say the Bells of St Clements', Natural vs Synthetics, Niche vs Mass Market, Packaging, Environmental Issues, the new album from Gorillaz and Cheese!

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      Part 2

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      1. jenson's Avatar
        jenson -
        Love these interviews! great to see & hear Mr. Heeley cardinal is one of my fav's! need to sample more from his line.
      1. konglishbeauty's Avatar
        konglishbeauty -
        It's great to hear someone from the industry take time to talk about perfume in a direct way that non-industry-insiders can understand. It irritates me a bit when people hide and shroud the whole process in a patronising way just pushing interested consumers to the marketing and PR facade. One problem: how can we try and buy Heeley fragrances in the UK?? There doesn't seem to be a retailer.
      1. Hide & Reason's Avatar
        Hide & Reason -
        Another Cardinal nutcase reporting in. Creed and Penhaligon's ain't got nothin' on Heeley. Great range, but I still want to know the noses behind the perfumes.

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