• New from Azzaro - Chrome Sport

    The Clarins Group have announced a new addition Azzaro Chrome family. The new male fragrance, Chrome Sport is available now in a 50ml or 100ml edt spray.

    The top notes are a citrus blend of lemon, bitter orange, mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot. The green aquatic heart has notes of spicy ginger, leading to a white musk and woody amber base.

    The fragrance is complimented by a range of products including a 200ml Icy Shower Gel, and a 75ml alcohol-free deodorant stick.


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    1. Andrewthecologneguy's Avatar
      Andrewthecologneguy -
      I had a chance to sample this before Easter and I am very impressed. While the original is too close to CK One to my nose, Chrome Sport comes alive with a bright citrus opening, almost like an eau de cologne sitting on top of lemon peels. Def worth a purchase.
    1. Shaheen's Avatar
      Shaheen -
      Smells EXACTLY like Versace Man Eau Fraiche to my nose. Not bad though.
    1. shirtmaven's Avatar
      shirtmaven -
      seems like an OK scent but not something I would choose for everyday use. The scent is not very original. I can think of a dozen other scents that smells exactly like this new fragrance from Azzaro.
    1. ausamamira's Avatar
      ausamamira -
      The first fargrance came to my mind when i first smelled azzaro sport was bvlgari pour homme. i think azzaro chrome sport = bvlgari pour homme*2+ some citrus
    1. d4N13L's Avatar
      d4N13L -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shaheen View Post
      Smells EXACTLY like Versace Man Eau Fraiche to my nose. Not bad though.
      I find it too, but less citrusy. A really good fragrance, for my tastes

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