• Anya McCoy starts new blog feature: Ask the perfumer

    Anya McCoy of Anya's Garden and the Natural Perfumer's Guild has started a new section on her blog: Ask the Perfumer, where perfumistas and budding perfumers can ask Anya their questions about perfumery.

    Anya says:
    Answering questions about perfumery is second nature to me. I've hosted the huge Natural Perfumery group on Yahoo for almost seven years, I instruct perfumers, I consult with perfumers about their businesses, and I just live my life immersed in the art.

    Sometimes I feel questions I answer on the Yahoo group are just stuck in a bit of a hidden-away area of the Internet. I have read *every one* of the 39960 messages there. Yes, we're going to hit 40,000 soon! That's a lot of perfume talk. Whew. The mind almost boggles, but the spirit says take the show on the road.
    You can read more, and ask your question at Anya's blog here.


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    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      Thank you for the update. I enjoy the concept of all-natural perfumes, but am opposed to ingredients involving animal cruelty (castoreum, musk, civet). It would be interesting to see more discussion on the use of cruelty-free hyraceum.
    1. Nymphaea's Avatar
      Nymphaea -
      Oh, this sounds like it will be very interesting! Thanks!
    1. PattiMcW's Avatar
      PattiMcW -
      Oh! terrific! I have a few questions about certain types of alcohol I should use...perfect to ask there!

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