• Dawn Spencer Hurwitz releases Song Bird

    Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has introduced her new fragrance, Songbird - described as "a simply enchanting and delicate scent. Inspired by vibrant, small song birds and their cheerful nature, Dawn has created a beautiful, airy fragrance that is innocent and youthful, yet modern and complex."

    Songbird begins with top notes of red and green mandarin, soft peach and violet. This then gives way to a floral crescendo of sweet pea, gardenia, muguet and jasmine, finally coming to rest on a base of musk, heliotrope and vetiver.

    Sizes & Pricing:

    • 1 oz Eau de Parfum spray: $56
    • 1/4 oz Eau de Parfum purse spray: $20
    • 1 Dram Rollerball Eau de Parfum: $15
    • 5ml Eau de Parfum Antique Presentation: $65
    • 1 dram Oil Essence $24
    • Organic Body Lotion: 2 oz - 8 oz: $9.50-$26
    • Organic Body Wash: 2 oz - 8 oz: $8.50 - $23.50

    More info and where to purchase at www.dshperfumes.com


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    1. chayaruchama's Avatar
      chayaruchama -
      This particular scent is a lilting melody.
      It reminds me of Dawn herself-
      A precious blossom that requires no extra ornamentation !

      Summons up the spring for me , better than Eau de Ciel ;-)
    1. lilybelle's Avatar
      lilybelle -
      This sounds lovely! Right up my alley. I must try some soon.
    1. BayKAT's Avatar
      BayKAT -
      I just sniffed this today; it bubbled up to the top of a large pile of sniffing samples as one of my favorites. It's really lovely!

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