• Coty in Lady Gaga fragrance rumours

    Coty is said to have signed a deal to produce a fragrance for Poker Face singer Lady Gaga. The fragrance is expected to launch for Christmas 2010.

    Lady Gaga, who has already created her own fashion line, has sold millions of records; her videos have been viewed online over a billion times and her twitter and facebook pages have five million followers and ten million fans respectively. No wonder Coty are keen to sign her up.

    Coty are no stranger to celebrity scents having created for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss and the Beckhams.

    Image : Janet Mayer / PR Photos


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    1. CoL's Avatar
      CoL -
      Well you never know, she is bizare enough to maybe, just MAYBE push for something really odd and different. Being coty it will be completely synthetic but hey, CDG can do it and make good fragrances so maybe with her quirkyness it may just be interesting enough to wear!
    1. subhuman85's Avatar
      subhuman85 -
      Surprised this hasn't happened sooner. She's one of the few celebs whose style and aesthetic are actually worthy of a fragrance venture. I bet it won't be nearly as bizarre or eclectic as her fashion sense, probably more along the lines of her music: slightly edgy elements within a pure pop package. (So, a fruity floral with some spice.)
    1. MysteryBuff40's Avatar
      MysteryBuff40 -
      The mind boggles at what this concoction could smell like in the end.
    1. Weimar27's Avatar
      Weimar27 -
      Oh Please

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