• Coty: No Lady Gaga scent

    The internet was abuzz the last few days with the news that Coty were to create a fragrance for singer, Lady Gaga. The scent was supposed to be due in time for Winter 2010. However, a spokesperson for Coty has told Women's Wear Daily that it is a false rumour.

    Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing for Coty Beauty told WWD "I know nothing of this project, It is a totally false rumor."


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    1. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
      Mimi Gardenia -
      Oh ,what a shame !
    1. DreamerII's Avatar
      DreamerII -
      who is Lady Gaga? her face is so unmemorable..
    1. D.Sprad's Avatar
      D.Sprad -
      Quote Originally Posted by DreamerII View Post
      who is Lady Gaga? her face is so unmemorable..
      A major American pop star, known for her fairly crazy image and her fairly odd music. I'm not a big fan.
    1. BayKAT's Avatar
      BayKAT -
      (I think Dreamer was being sarcastic)

      I would be interested in this perfume if she helped create it herself; I"d be curious to see to what ingredients she's drawn. My guess is it wouldn't be a stupid fruity floral.
    1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
      Redneck Perfumisto -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mimi Gardenia View Post
      Oh ,what a shame !
      Totally agreed! I don't think she would accept juice that didn't make at least some kind of out-of-the-ordinary statement. In any case, I think the potential payout for her brand on a fragrance just went up a few zeros...
    1. petruccijc's Avatar
      petruccijc -
    1. Kerosene's Avatar
      Kerosene -
      Darn, you mean they figured out that nobody really wants to smell like Skank? And all you have to do is avoid bathing?
    1. Aiona's Avatar
      Aiona -
      Perhaps she will become the new spokesmodel for Sécrétions Magnifiques. . . .
      (by Etat Libre d'Orange)

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