• Mugler's Womanity fragrance available now

    Available now is Womanity, the latest fragrance by Thierry Mugler. The name is a portmanteau of woman and community, and Mugler says that "Womanity is the invisible link that binds all women together. Earlier this year a website, womanity.com, was launched to take the idea further: Somewhere women can share experiences and exchange knowledge.

    The fragrance, according to Mugler is "a musical fragrance tuned to the emotions of the woman who wears it. The scent is a sweet/savoury combination of fig and caviar and uses a new technique developed by Mane, which allows perfumers to create the aromatic molecular structure of any given scent. In this case it has been used to extract the scent of the fig fruit.

    Womanity is available now as Shower Gel, Body Milk, Body Cream, Spray Deodorant as well as 10ml, 50ml and 80ml Eau de Parfum


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    1. CoL's Avatar
      CoL -
      Had a brief sniff of the fragrance from a promo card and I must say I like it and it's different! But the name, Womanity?
    1. chaplain's Avatar
      chaplain -
      Hope the juice is good enough to carry that silly name. Mugler's explanation makes it even more hokey, if you ask me Who advised on this one?
    1. Tiffymb's Avatar
      Tiffymb -
      Quote Originally Posted by CoL View Post
      Had a brief sniff of the fragrance from a promo card and I must say I like it and it's different! But the name, Womanity?
      I agree! The name Womanity.. it's just too cheesy. Love the scent though!
    1. C Rose's Avatar
      C Rose -
      Will there be a Womanity pour Homme?
    1. shoegal68's Avatar
      shoegal68 -
      Quote Originally Posted by C Rose View Post
      Will there be a Womanity pour Homme?
      Yes, and they'll call it manity
    1. knit at nite's Avatar
      knit at nite -
      The ad shown here is just as silly as most perfume ads but someone must have just attended Cirque de Soleil Zumanity before coming up with this stinker of a name. Cheesy, indeed.
    1. Kiliwia's Avatar
      Kiliwia -
      I ordered a sample of this and still haven't gotten it. So, I can't comment on how it smells, but I really like that it's offered in so many different sizes. It comes in 10, 30, 50 and 80 ml refillable bottles, later, there will be a 100 ml. also. Can't wait to try this.
    1. Un profumo affettuoso's Avatar
      Un profumo affettuoso -
      I like the name! It's probably as "cloying" as the fragrance itself - i.e. unforgettable.
      Clever marketing strategy! Looks like a hideous bottle, though. What kind of an ugly mask is there on top of the vessel?
    1. Kiliwia's Avatar
      Kiliwia -
      Received my sample today and I like it. At first I wasn't too sure, it did seem a little mixed up, but now it's been an hour and it just keeps getting better. Not a powerhouse like Angel or Alien, no need to worry if you are overhelming others. I would definitely buy a small bottle of this.
    1. odioustoilet's Avatar
      odioustoilet -
      They are having or had a contest to encourage participation in their advertising campaign.

      It asks that people send in their own ideas as to how Womanity can be marketed.

      I suggested using and showing photos or illustrations of not-for-profit or international charity groups, specifically its women members, helping others around the world, specifically women.

      I doubt they would use it though, too real world and it involves real women of various ages with ordinary shapes and sizes and not teen or early twenty-something emaciated girls.