• Ineke to appear at new Nordstrom Santa Monica 27th and 28th August

    Ineke Rühland is appearing at Nordstrom Santa Monica on 27th and 28th August to pre-launch her new fragrance, Gilded Lily. Ineke says: "I'm really excited to have the Ineke perfume line sold at Nordstrom for the very first time in their new Santa Monica store. I'll be on hand at their grand opening celebrations on Friday and Saturday, and hope to meet as many of you as possible."

    During the event, Ineke will be handing out a gift-with-purchase of their Deluxe Sample Collection with any Ineke fragrance purchase. "I'll also have a pre-launch bottle of my upcoming fragrance, Gilded Lily, for anyone who is curious to get a first sniff!" adds Ineke.

    Edited to clarify store location


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    1. rogalal's Avatar
      rogalal -
      So is this in SF or Santa Monica?
    1. PaulSC's Avatar
      PaulSC -
      Good question! (For the non-Californians among us, the two towns are roughly 400 miles apart...)
    1. elzevir's Avatar
      elzevir -
      Santa Monica - http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/2010-new...s-santa-monica
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      I am so happy this house is getting some attention. Very customer-oriented and personal. I hope they do not forget the little customers who buy their scents, but I do wish for them to go global with great success.
    1. knit at nite's Avatar
      knit at nite -
      It's definately SANTA MONICA, although the Nordie site does not pinpoint the time Ineke will specifically be there.
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      That's my fault for writing articles at 3.45am instead of being asleep!!
    1. knit at nite's Avatar
      knit at nite -
      No worries, Grant. Thanks to you, I plan to journey the 75 miles and have a very fragrant Friday. Cheers!
    1. elzevir's Avatar
      elzevir -
      Quote Originally Posted by elzevir View Post
      if you need more details and have a facebook account, you can find out more about time, etc. at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ineke-...342458&index=1
    1. 30 Roses's Avatar
      30 Roses -
      I got the email from Ineke, it's Santa Monica.
    1. Jitterbug Perfume Lover's Avatar
      Jitterbug Perfume Lover -
      Wow! I can't wait to go- it sounds beautiful. What are the notes?
    1. Kiliwia's Avatar
      Kiliwia -
      Oh you lucky people on the west coast! Wish she'd come to Mall of America.

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