• Calyx is back

    This time last year, when Estee Lauder announced that it planned to close its Prescriptives business at the end of 2009, perfumistas were panicking about the possible discontinuation of its star fragrace, Calyx. Lauder were quick to clarify that the fragrance would still be available, and true to its word, the scent has been re-issued.

    “To me, it was the first fragrance that put nature and your imagination together,” says Sophia Chodosz Grojsman, Perfumer. “On one hand, it was based on citrus blossoms which were very intoxicating, but that green part, it was really drawn from a memory of that scent, an experience I had. And it was more than a little crazy, the way it was made. All these years later and I still meet young perfumers who tell me that Calyx is a big inspiration for the fragrances they make. I know it is. I can smell it.”

    In the UK Calyx is now available at selected department stores nationwide.

    Calyx Exhilarating Fragrance 100 ml RRP £65 / €98
    Calyx Exhilarating Fragrance 50 ml RRP £45 / €65
    Calyx Exhilarating Body Lotion 200 ml RRP £26 / €38
    Calyx Exhilarating Gelfor Shower and Bath 200 ml RRP £24 / €35


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    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Glad to see Calyx back...unusual scent, uplifting and full of sun, fun and holiday memories...
    1. donna255's Avatar
      donna255 -
      So many people will be delighted at its return.
    1. Madame du Barry's Avatar
      Madame du Barry -
      There is a god!
    1. Jitterbug Perfume Lover's Avatar
      Jitterbug Perfume Lover -
      That's such great news!! I am so happy!!

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