• Phillipe Starck designs limited edition Nina Ricci bottle

    French designer, Philippe Starck has designed a limited edition bottle for Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps fragrance. L'Air du Temps was originally launched in 1948 and was created by perfumer Francis Fabron. Notes include carnation, gardenia, rose, jasmine, spicy musk, sandalwood, iris root.

    Starck has designed many things (hotels, toothbrushes, motorcycles), but this is his first perfume bottle. The bottle is inspired by the original 'two doves' bottle made by Lalique. L’Air du Temps by Phillip Starck Eau de Toilette Spray is available from November.


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    1. blondex199667's Avatar
      blondex199667 -
      Stunning bottle- if only they'd fill it with the original juice!
    1. devilcat's Avatar
      devilcat -
      Quote Originally Posted by blondex199667 View Post
      Stunning bottle- if only they'd fill it with the original juice!
      Hear, hear! L'Air du Temps was one of the first frags I fell in love with 30-odd years ago. Had a sniff recently and it was unrecognizable - and not in a good way.
    1. Nostalgie's Avatar
      Nostalgie -
      I agree--I so wish they would have put the energy into recreating the original formula or something very close. It was unique, ahead of its time.

      [I'm not crazy about the new bottle, either. It looks like a weapon to me.}
    1. blondex199667's Avatar
      blondex199667 -
      It does look sort of like a Chinese martial arts weapon, but the juxtaposition between that and the softness and femininity of the juice is appreciated.
    1. C Rose's Avatar
      C Rose -
      Wow, really DON'T care for that design. It seems incoherent and messy, and a poor interpretation of the juice. I think it will appeal to men more than to women.

      And does it stand up, or just lie there? (I avoid bottles that lie around instead of sitting up properly :-)

      Just as well it's a limited-edition, IMHO.
    1. SirSlarty's Avatar
      SirSlarty -
      Looks like a one-eyed bat.
    1. devilcat's Avatar
      devilcat -
      My first thought on seeing the bottle was 'dinosaur'.
    1. david's Avatar
      david -
      Looks very "toothy" to me...... Sharks teeth...... Jaws !!!
    1. Kiliwia's Avatar
      Kiliwia -
      1st they ruin the perfume and now they put it in a horrible looking bottle. Come on Nina Ricci, you can do better than this.
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      I happen to like the old crystal "two doves" bottle. Elegant and romantic. This is an interesting shape, but looks too much like a shark's tooth to me, too. The notches look like finger-holds to me. A tool? Perhaps. But not a flacon for an elegant, feminine perfume.

      Nice for an abstract sculpture--maybe even a bottle for a new perfume, but this is not the bottle of my beloved L'Air du Temps.

      I love Sir Slarty's observation... LOL!
    1. shoegal68's Avatar
      shoegal68 -
      I'm just not getting it..... this bottle it looks like a dagger of some sorts, can this bottle even stand?
    1. Olfacta's Avatar
      Olfacta -
      Looks like something Klingons ("Star Trek") hurl at each other.
    1. Madame du Barry's Avatar
      Madame du Barry -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nostalgie View Post
      [I'm not crazy about the new bottle, either. It looks like a weapon to me.}
      Yes. It looks like a 1930's abortionist's tool. Horrible.
    1. actiasluna's Avatar
      actiasluna -
      Looks like it might stand on either of the two flattened bits, but it doesn't seem very nice to me. More like a Frank Gehry computer-and-committee building design than a Starck IMO. Would like to hear PS's concept comments. Does look as though it is meant to fit inside a hand. I'm thinking that a fist full of plasticine, squished, was the inspiration.
    1. Futami's Avatar
      Futami -
      Wow, that bottle is UGLY! I usually like Starck's work too but not this one. I dont see any relation to the original bottle either. That bottle is kinda out of place for the fragance.

      I remember smelling the original in the late 70's or early 80's. It was so beautiful. To this day I remember it. I have not smelled it in many years.
    1. Flora's Avatar
      Flora -
      Quote Originally Posted by Olfacta View Post
      Looks like something Klingons ("Star Trek") hurl at each other.
      Yes, exactly! The one they use for hand-to-hand combat! :-D
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Maybe Alien is around to dance with the bottle in the air of the times...?

      What is the juice like...?

      After all is Halloween...!!!
    1. dewey eyed's Avatar
      dewey eyed -
      Has anyone located this bottle in the wild? I've tried the 'bay, amazon, sephora, nordies, nm, barneys, sfa, and bloomies to no success. A general Google shopping search (L'air du temps Starck) had no hits. Even tried Harrods, Selfridges, and John Lewis. Any hints? Or was this a publicity stunt?
    1. firehorse's Avatar
      firehorse -
      I'm the only one who likes the bottle - former art major.

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