• Bond No.9 launch blog edited by former Sniffa Mag editor, Raphaella Barkley

    Bond No. 9, have recently introduced a blog devoted entirely to the the world of Bond No. 9. The blog is edited by Raphaella Barkley, who is the former editor of Sniffapalooza Magazine. The Bond No. 9 Blog will feature fragrance reviews, reviews from guest writers, interviews with Bond No. 9 Perfumers and articles surrounding Bond No 9.
    You can find the blog at blog.bondno9.com.


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    1. the_good_life's Avatar
      the_good_life -
      Well, it's not like sniffa is much else than a clearing house for company PR. Personally, I think I'd rather work on a civet farm than do hackwork for an outfit that produces the perfume-version of elevator music (at Carnegie Hall prices).
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      I think it will be good to blog with Bond no 9...

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