• New Fragrance: Adidas - Happy Game

    Happy Game is the newest feminine fragrance from Adidas. The fragrance is housed in a green bottle and features notes of melon flower, cranberry, clementine, freesia, jasmine, light wood, musk and amber.

    Happy Game is available as 30ml and 50ml Eau de Toilette, Deodorant Spray, Shower Gel and Deodorant Body Spray. The fragrance is available from March.


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    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      I can see ladies in the gym wearing this...
    1. Geldachron's Avatar
      Geldachron -
      By the look of these notes it should smell pretty good. Ladies?
    1. GelbeDomino's Avatar
      GelbeDomino -
      I hope I am mistaken but judging from the notes it sounds like a zillion other light fruity florals.
    1. tonia2442's Avatar
      tonia2442 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Francop View Post
      I can see ladies in the gym wearing this...
      You know in my opinion I'll see that from Adidas the Fitness Fresh Perfume is a much better scent for workouts. In the past I bought it at worldSfragrances.com but last time I looked for it, it was becoming discontinued so I bought 3 bottles to stack up for a while. I guess this is a remainder to star thinking about looking for it. Hopefully I can still find it.

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